This same GRAS algae is also a demonstrated and proprietary expression platform for the safe production of multiple colostrum proteins, which are essential nutritional compounds that occur naturally in the breast milk of all mammals. As it currently is sold, infant formula is lacking many of these proteins, which are known to improve infant health, cognition and growth. Triton has developed a process to produce these highly sought after proteins, such as osteopontin, which is currently Triton's lead product in development. Learn more. 


Triton's Osteopontin Technology

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Triton has developed a synthetic biology platform for Chlamydomonas reinhardtii that has decoupled Bovine and human OPN expression from light and optimized the process for expression in fermenters. Once produced,  Triton's OPN is stable and activity is reliably detected in both biomass and when OPN is purified. Molecular characterization of Triton's OPN demonstrated that the recombinant OPN was identical to the amino acid and correctly phosphorylated when compared to the native bovine and human OPN.